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I'm the author of This Jupiter Pirates series.

In the first publication, Hunt for its Hydra, we meet Tycho, Yana and Carlo Hashoone. They're crewers over the privateer Shadow Comet, siblings and competitors. Each needs to be the next captain in the family's starship -- but just one of them will be chosen.

The Jupiter Pirates is part high-seas experience and a part space-age epic -- I've had a blast writing the series and can not wait to share it with folks. Assessing the Jupiter Pirates books are for children 8-12, but readers far older than this will enjoy them also.

As for me, I am a writer, editor, along with occasional journalism advisor based in Brooklyn, N.Y, in which I live with my wife Emily, my son Joshua and around a metric ton of baseball cards along with Star Wars items. I have written more than two dozen Star Wars books and short stories for publishers including Random House, DK, Scholastic along with Disney Books. Before hitting my own as an independent writer, I spent over 12 years in The Wall Street Journal Online, at which I composed the real-time column about engineering and co-wrote The Daily Fix, a daily roundup of great sportswriting. I co-write Faith and Fear in Flushing (, a site about the New York Mets, along with my buddy Greg Prince.

If this sounds to be an odd mix, well, I think so too. However, one way or another, I've written or worked together with writers almost all of my life. It is all that I needed to do, and I am deeply thankful that I have been able to do it.

Whether you're creating a far-off galaxy, a baseball team or the assurance of technologies, the path to becoming a successful writer is the same: Write daily, learn from other writers and from great editors, then push your writing to make sure it's as clear and engaging as you can, and value every kind of writing you get to accomplish. And be nice.

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