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Getting your household outside for some EPIC fun is easier than you might imagine! Are you prepared to enjoy being a parent again?

Parenting is just like a marathon. However much you know and understand, #x 2019 & it;s totally tiring and exhausting.

If you are struggling with mental and physical exhaustion from increasing your children, you'll be astounded at how fast you are able to restore your balance if you put your children into nature. Reclaim that time that is precious and rediscover it feels like to unwind with a cup of tea that you can embrace having a household.

Hi, I’m Jason Runkel Sperling. I’m devoted to helping families obtain their kids outside and into.

Before I found my passion for sharing my love of the outdoors with others, I fought as many parents today with increasing children in our modern times. During the first five decades as a parent, then I sensed a deep and nagging anxiety. I was miserable as a parent and their childhood consumed by screens. I took the plunge into raising my kids screen-free and in character since I knew I was the only one who might make.

Since starting on this path, I've helped thousands of parents find how to quickly get their children outside and enjoying nature.

In 2013, our family moved from a one bedroom condo in Los Angeles, to wonderful Boulder, Colorado - to create the childhood I dreamed for my own kids. Because of supportive spouse, an awesome community, and the Rocky Mountains, my children play with their friends.

Along the way I made lots of hard and costly mistakes, and finally learned the very best way to give our loved ones what they need. I want to reveal to you the way.

My novels are written to help parents like you find and master getting your kids into nature, have much more fun than you can imagine, enhance your

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