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Before anything else, I personally’m a storyteller. My skills at composing are subject to opinion, my punctuation was called fascinating, in the finest—however I'm a storyteller.

I am, of course, a number of other things. In more than seven years of living, you will find terrific numbers of things which have attracted my attention. I am, by way of instance, an electrician. I may even design, build, and install a assortment of things from railings and stairs to floors and tile backsplashes. I will even giftwrap a box in the inside, so to speak, by wallpapering the home.

I am an engineer, one who has made computers and computer systems—one of which—through the bad old days of the cold war—flew in the airplane designated as the American President’s Airborne Command Post: The Doomsday Jet.

I've spent seven years since the chief-engineer of a business that built bar-code readers.

I spent a few of their most enjoyable years of my life for a scoutmaster three, almost as good, as a cubmaster.

I joined the Air Force to find out jet engine mechanisms, but ended up working in broadcast and closed circuit tv, serving in such unlikely locations since the War Room of the Strategic Air Command, and a television station around the island of Okinawa.

I have been involved in sports car racing, scuba diving, sailing, and whatever else which seemed like fun. I am able to fix most things that break, sew a pretty neat seam, and have raised three quite pleasant children, all of who are brighter and brighter than I'm—more gifted, too, as a result of the genes my spouse kindly provided.

After, while swimming with a group of cubs and their own families, one of those dads announced, “You guys better make up crosses to maintain the Purple Bishop away. ” When I asked for more info, the man said and cried, “I don & #’t know much about the story. It’s a kind of a Neighborhood thing that was mentioned

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