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South Carolina Born Chef. April. A Southern Food Authority And Writer, Edited, Collaborated On over 40 Cookbooks, Written Simple And Straightforward Advice About Food And Nutrition, Making Suggestions For Planning Meals For Busy People Who Want Something Healthy And Nutritious With No Need For Complex Or Time Consuming Cooking.

Primarily you need to know about me is that I'm a nation Women in your mind. Where my mother and grandma taught me to eat and cook according to the seasons I spent my childhood. It was the heat of our local tastes herbs and vegetables along with that I fell in love with foods. Though I've been residing in urban lifestyle I am still most at home in the nation.

As my departure in South Carolina, I have lived, educated, and cooked all over Italy, Bangkok, Singapore, India, Boston, and Houston. I'm suspended in Houston.
Wherever I go, I always want to cook both internationally and locally. You've probably figured that I adore flavours, in the event you've been to my restaurants. My trip to the market in INDIA remains among my culinary adventures that are most influential, and I have since adopted those spices and herbs as my own.

As for life beyond the kitchen, I always love relaxing with my family. In the country, I chop wood to the fireplace and, while the weather fine, often go angling in my little pond. In town, I take out my chefs to eat after work and catch up with friends when we're cooking together for charity events. The market that is green is just one of my favorite places to stroll. I figure you can see that I really like food. It is my passion. It's my life.

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