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Artist and graphic designer Jeanette Wummel is still on a journey to share her art and ingenious passion . As a kid Jeanette loved to paint, draw, colour, or do anything which enabled her to express her creative side. Her skills blossomed. She lives her life surround from the arts. Jeanette is gifted in many styles and mediums both digital and physical. She enjoys experimentation and sees every area.

Since the celebrity of Roots of the Wild (The Divine of Style, 2015) she made her debut at the area of Adult Coloring Books as a self-published writer along with a featured artist in 2016 Color Lover's weekly coloring calendar (Creative Girlfriends Press, 2015). She has had success with picture layouts printing coloring pages, and artwork prints which she sells through her business; Design's Roots.

Jeanette holds a Bachelors of all Digital Media Design from Baker College, where she currently shares her passion for the arts because a professor of graphic designing. By creating designs that often have a unique feel her life fills. In which she loves countless hours of filling her life with artwork and appreciating nature that inspires her 26, she resides at the state of Michigan.

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