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In dreaming of a better tomorrow Jaynay Chanel Johnson, whom herself was a teen, found comfort. #x2019 Jaynay &;s desire to uplift and assist those in needs leaders. In addition, Jaynay’s goal is to aid now’s creation of teenagers, but their families also. Her abilities to recognize and relate to individuals seeking knowledge and positive consequences, drove Jaynay to give back to the area and pursue a career in psychology.

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, she obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Delaware State University and Masters of Arts degree in Marriage and Family therapy from La Salle University. Following graduation, she chose to utilize advice her gift, and pain to improve teens' lives so that they wouldn't have to endure. Becoming a "troubled teen", she discovered ways to manage her surroundings and overcome her dreams. Jaynay would like to supply instruments to build a bridge teens and choices that are wholesome.

Jaynay has eased many events focusing on teenagers and their families. The subjects of every look varied from adolescent dating violence, mental wellness, healthy relationships, family dynamics and more. Jaynay released her first book publication entitled Dear Teen self in 2015 in which she shares her story growing up as a teenager. Jaynay was featured emphasizing her participation to the neighborhood and teens. Together with occasions, Jaynay has radio looks, is a leading writer for BOSS magazine, and spearheads charity occasions is an avid volunteer and mentor to several.

Jaynay hopes to assist teenagers and their families unveil their narrative by providing healing compassion and education. Her one of

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