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Eleanor Hibbert (1 September 1906 – 19 January 1993) was a British writer who combined imagination with details to bring history alive through books of fiction and love. She was a prolific author who published several books a year in various genres, each genre below a pen name that is different: Jean Plaidy for history of royalty; Victoria Holt for romances, and Philippa Carr to get a multi-generational family saga. A literary split character, she also wrote crime novels, romances, murder mysteries and thrillers under Ellalice Tate, Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow, Anna Percival, along with the titles Eleanor Burford.

In 1989, the Romance Writers of America gave the Golden Treasure award in recognition of her significant contributions to the romance. From the time of her death, she'd composed more than 200 books that worldwide sold over 100 million copies in 20 languages. She has been a widely writer among libraries. Readers and critics appreciate her works of fiction alike for their precision, quality of writing, and attention to detail.
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