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Jeffrey B. Rubin, PhD, is a practicing psychotherapist and teacher of Humor in New York City and Bedford Hills, New York.

The creator of psychotherapy, a clinic that he developed through insights gained in years of research, education, and helping hundreds of people flourish, Dr. Rubin is the author of penalizing Meditative Psychotherapy and Meditative Psychotherapy, as well as the critically acclaimed books The Art of Flourishing, Psychotherapy and Buddhism, The fantastic Life, and A Psychoanalysis for Our Time. Dr. Rubin has taught in different universities, psychoanalytic institutes and Buddhist and yoga facilities around America. He lectures frequently and has led workshops in the United Nations, the Esalen Institute, the Open Center, and New York's 92nd Street Y. A blogger for Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and Elephant Journal, his pioneering method of psychotherapy and Buddhism was featured at the New York Times Magazine. His site has been

Praise for Dr. Rubin and his own job:

Jeffrey Rubin seamlessly incorporates west and west, mind and heart, ministry and science, universal principles and personal information."
--Tal Ben-Shahar, writer of Being Joyful

"I spent my formative years studying Freud, Jung and Erikson. I spent the next few decades reading Buddhism... Then I had the terrific good fortune to meet Jeffrey Rubin, a trained therapist who'd read everything in the Western and Eastern traditions--and also, to my pleasure, had discovered a way to combine the two in language so easy he sometimes writes for Oprah's magazine. If Jeffrey were not my buddy, I would hire him to assist me with my issues."
--Jesse Kornbluth, acclaimed author and editor of

"The Art of Flourishing. . .displays Dr. Rubin's deep wisdom of the individual psyche. His many years of uniquely combining the very best of Eastern and Western strategies in his own lifetime and as a psychotherapist m

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