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My name is JB Rowley. There are plenty of things about me but I'll tell you that I grew up in a tiny town in the state of Victoria called Orbost 'in which the Snowy River meets the ocean'. I really grew up in the bush, even though the ocean and the river were a part of my youth. My youth was spent by me chasing snakes and lizards enjoying Hansel and Gretel at the bush along with my brothers, then climbing trees,searching the regional tip for books to see and generally behaving as a feral child. We'd sheep so I used to ride the rear of a big ram although we didn't have horses. These days I live in Melbourne (Australia) at whichonce I am not writing, I am employed as an English coach and an oral storyteller.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who read my books and also to individuals who generously spend the time to post reviews of these novels I write. I check the Amazon reviews of my publications and deliver a quiet. In addition, I write murder mysteries, like Murder in Murloo.

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