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Jason Vale, is known as the 'Juice Master' and is a writer, motivational speaker and lifestyle trainer. Jason is your bestselling author of eight books in health, addiction and drinking as well as his message is to empower people to modify their wellbeing and life by realising the nutrient benefits of raw vegetable and fruit juices. His books have sold more than 1 million copies around the world and have now been translated to many languages.

Jason has been a heavy smoker (40-60 cigarettes a day), heavy drinkers, ate lots of junk food and a chronic sufferer of eczema, psoriasis, and hay fever. Juicing pioneer Norman Walker then influenced Jason and started juicing to enhance his health. In his publication Slim 4 Life, '' Jason highlights that he lost weight gave up drinking and smoking, and stopped eating crap food by altering his mindset to his dependence. Jason asserts that as a result of daily juicing he also lost four gems and is currently with his skin conditions and hay fever. He states 'juicing altered my life' and his mission is to 'Juice The World'. He's worked with many stars including Katie Price (aka Jordan).

Jason works closely with electronics company Philips as he endorses their assortment of juice extractors (such as the best-selling Philips Alu juicer) across the world. Jason was featured on the press in the UK & Ireland, Nordic countries, Turkey, Italy Dubai and USA.

Jason and his firm Juice Master Ltd has branched out into running seminars, retreats and juice bars. Jason opened his first juice detox retreat from Turkey in 2005 and he organises health conventions across the uk and Ireland. Now in 2011 Jason has opened juice bars in the UK, Ireland, Dubai and Canada.

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