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Jeanie Franz Ransom is a fondness for fractured fairytales and former school adviser with a penchant for puns and a children's picture-book writer. Her books range from the award-winning "What Really Happened to Humpty?" and "The Crown Affair," And her latest title, "Cowboy Car."

Jeanie also writes self-help novels for kids and the adults in their lifetimes, including "Don't Squeal Unless It is' a Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales," "Big Red and the Little Bitty Wolf: A Story About Bullying," and "There's a Cat in Our Class: A Tale About Getting Together."

Jeanie is a regular speaker at colleges, universities, and conferences. She divides her time between St Louis, MO, also Northport, MI. To find out more about Jeanie and her books, go to .

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