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Speed Cleanup was Composed by Jeff Campbell, owner of The Clean Team (cleaning service) in San Francisco, California.

The Clean Team started as a three-person housecleaning company in San Francisco in 1979. At what the creator Jeff Campbell calls, &#x 201d, & #x 201c; grime university have been completed. His cleaning crews and he have learned a good deal on the topic of thorough housecleaning. That knowledge “#x 2019 & his business;s trade secret“ has been the impetus for his five best selling books.

The Clean Team Catalog is currently known as SPEED CLEANING (, also supplies a free resource site for replies to cleaning issues and ONLINE shopping e-Commerce site of the cleaning products and tools regarded as the very best, fastest, greenest, and many personally safe.

The Invention of Rate Cleanup
Back in 1979, Jeff Campbell came to a crossroads in his life. He felt it was time hit out to some business of their own and to leave the existence of a company executive. After exploring alternatives, Jeff decided that he wanted to make San Francisco’s best support and besides, he couldn’t even afford a Bed and Breakfast on Maui.
Jeff purchased supplies, hired some fantastic folks, and named his new business The Clean Team. But it didn’t take very long for The Clean Team to find that they had to improve their cleaning abilities just take hours and hours to successfully clean one house was no way to flourish, or even survive, in their own new company.

Thus Jeff and The Clean Team started some severe on-the-job training and experimenting. They put out to find the absolutely perfect way to handle every housecleaning job:

What has been the ideal approach to counter tops?
What is the perfect method to tackle a filthy shower?
What has been the smartest way to dust?

And, Most Importantly, what was that the ideal system

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