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I was fourteen before I discovered that all & #x 201c; #x & home made 201d; cakes #x 2019 &; didn;t even start using a Betty Crocker box. I had an epiphany after tasting the first crimson velvet cake I made from scratch. I might never return to using a packaged mix. I began to inhale using a vengeance. Twenty years later my very first cookbook, Baking's First Book, featuring all of my favourite recipes perfected over decades, was published.

My love of experimentation in the kitchen lasted with Working Mother’so Fast and Easy One-Pot Cooking, (yes, really just one pot to wash!) Filled with recipes which helped me feed my growing family using the minimum cleanup needed (who has time for that using a baby and a toddler!)
As my children grew as well as our lives got busier, supplying food for my brood FAST was my priority. My column for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution newspaper, morphed into my third job 5 Ingredients, 30 Minutes, Dinner on the Table. This’s right, only five ingredients, not only for classes, but desserts!

As my children turned to six-foot-tall teens, I found how important it was to nourish them with nutritious foods made with fresh and tasty components to keep them healthy and to help them set life-long, mindful eating habits. I had been fortunate enough to help spread its message about how to eat right to stay healthy with the The Great American Eat-Right Cookbook and The New Healthy Eating Cookbook. Both books show that healthy eating does not mean giving up flavor or preferred foods. I contained #x 2019; #x 2013 & s favorite foods; tacos, burrito bowls, pastas, stir-fries, risotto, and even eggplant parmesan & recipes for all my family, but with a lighter touchof Give them a go –.

My fascination with healthful eating as part of general wellbeing also spurred me to co

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