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Jeffrey Kennedy is an American with a BA from Stanford University, where he majored in English Literature and minored in Art and Art History, and a Masters in Art and Art History at Iowa by MIU.

He has taught in various venues, such as the Oxford Institutes Italiani, Rome, in Europe and the US.

He has been living in Europe for the last 30+ years and has penned and co-authored a complete array of travel guides and posts for major foreign publishers.

His chosen destinations have included Rome, Naples and many other regions of Italy; both San Francisco and Miami and other areas of Florida in his native US; Mallorca, Andalusia and Barcelona in Spain; along with parts of both Greece and France.

Additionally, while residing in Rome for about 20 decades, he also had the opportunity to compose scripts for audio manuals to major museums in Italy, in addition to individual exhibitions. Now he has worked as a translator to producing screenplays and television series, the Italian theatre and other materials .

Jeffrey can be in the throes of writing a semi-historical book - an esoteric thriller set in the islands of Capri and Sicily, and in Rome.

He currently resides in the South of France, where he has been part of La Missare ( since 2005.

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