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I fell in love with writing in the second grade. My very first romance book, The Commander's Wish, was published in 2008, and recently updated in 2013. The book is currently available in audio book format through Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The Commander's Desire has been awarded the accolades of "Top Pick" book and "Reader's Favorite Hero for 2009." Other books I've written include Her Reluctant Bodyguard, a Christian romantic comedy novel, also Ice Baron, also a futuristic/science fiction romance, packed with love and action. Each has obtained a number of "Top Pick" testimonials, too.

I am interested in several of different topics! Because of this, I love to mix up things, and that is the reason why I write in a variety of genres. Here is the list of my Hottest books, according to celebrity:

Historical Romance:
The Pirate's Desire, Historical regency romance, PG-13, clean romance
The Commander's Desire, Historical medieval romance, PG-13, refreshing love

Paranormal Romance - Young Adult to all ages:
Kaavl Conspiracy (Kaavl Chronicles, Book 1 of 4), PG-13, mild romance
Coming soon:
Kaavl Quest, Paranormal, PG-13, light romance
Kaavl Calamity, Paranormal romance, PG-14
Kaavl Conqueror, Paranormal love, PG-14 (coming in Spring 2017)

Christian Romance:
Her Reluctant Bodyguard, Christian romantic suspense, with a dash of Tracy/Hepburn and Clark Gable/Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night) comedy

Religious End-Times/Apocalyptic:
Past the Rapture, (Number1 in Rapture series) Newest Adult, PG, tidy, mild love

Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance:
Ice Baron, earliest in Ice Chronicles Series, PG, clean romance

Publishing Industry:
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