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Faded Childhood memories may stay throughout life with us. They mold us we become during life.
Jerrie is your fourth child in her family….also known as the middle child. As a young child, she had hopes of performing well in life and becoming out of her childhood lifestyle. She's always had the need to succeed in whatever obstacle she has undertaken.
Middleborn children, as you might imagine, often get overlooked at the middle. By the time the second or third child comes together in a household, every whimper with that kid is not going to be attended to by the parents. And because #x 2019, they &;re sandwiched almost involving the firstborn and the children that are lastbornre so often. Middleborn kids smoothing the seas of existence and are masters of compromise. They are the kind of individuals who become great diplomats. Because they are in the middle, they're also the most difficult to categorize, as the child may be the ninth of ten or the second of three -- and each of those children is likely to experience significantly different family circumstances.
Jerrie is currently retired from real estate, as a successful Co-Owner and Broker of a real estate business, located on the Oregon Coast. She still has a home in Depoe Bay. She resides with her husband in Portland, Oregon.
She's 5 kids; 13 grandchildren; and 8 great grandchildren.

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