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Jessica Addams has a degree in mathematics and a minor in animal behaviour, and she has been working with animals all of her life. She's worked with dogs, horses, fish, and rodents as well as ten decades of experience handling, interacting, and coaching wolves, coyotes, and foxes in Wolf Park in Battle Ground.

Over the years she's dealt with a wide variety of people and their creatures, such as "wolves", "wolf x dog hybrids" and "puppies" of various shapes and sizes. The constant barrage of questions encouraged her to team along with friend and her colleague , Andrew Miller, and clean up for a very small part of the confusion.

Her encounters using the human/animal bond, beast socialization, and with animal rescue and research have abandoned her with a profound curiosity into how we, as people, relate to the creatures we examine, reside with, and eat.

She is living in Kentucky, along with her husband and an older but much beloved "yello" labrador retriever.

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