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Jessica Riley got a Mentor’s degree in psychology from Louisiana State University, and then received her M.A. in Systems Counseling in the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University, where she graduated with honors.

After working part-time at a Washington state junior faculty, Jessica currently works fulltime as a junior faculty counselor. She's taught Life Tracks courses, Project Independence, and New Directions .

Jessica has been the career adviser at Pacific Northwest College of Art, in addition to enjoying a private practice as a life/career coach.

It was during her work as a life coach who Riley started writing her thoughts down on problems that she saw repeatedly coming up in her clients’ lifestyles, such as self-esteem issues, and lost fear.

“I had been taken aback by just how common a few problems have been,” Riley states, “I began writing down notes about matters that came up over and over, considering writing a novel. However, what I had #x 2019 wasn &;t just one big novel, but lots of smaller novels. ”

Riley had some friends who asked to get copies of her ‘small books’ To assist others and themselves . She decided to look into self-publishing when she got positive feedback from so many.

Her initial three endeavors Trust Issues: Managing the Anxiety, Insecurity and Jealousy on Your Dating, Heart Advice: Getting Over a Breakup in 7 Find the Guy, and Steps: Easy Steps were successful.

“The key to any type of genuine shift in behavior is changing one’therefore mindset,” states Riley, “So I chose to write a series on the mental condition that people really must get the absolute most out of any advancement. ”

Riley subsequently printed Motivation Manifesto, Love Yourself, as well as The Art of Emotional Training. Each

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