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Jeru Kabbal was a century religious teacher and guide.
He studied conventional western psychology in his younger years and found it very limited. But he had been committed and passionate about understanding and moving beyond the mind. He became devoted to investigating how one could improve one’s quality of life and relationships.
At the end of the 1960s he spent a few years in Germany and began to give individual sessions using all the basics tools of what he afterwards called Dehypnotherapy.
Attracted by the adventures and mystics of the East, Jeru subsequently started traveling widely, particularly in Asia, seeking out and analyzing numerous procedures of self understanding that he came across. He studied with several teachers, including Osho for many decades, and became particularly drawn to the teachings of Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharishi and elements in Christianity. He was an independent religious thinker.

He established the Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation (Apt Institute) at California and made the breathing procedure "Quantum Light Breath Meditation" which can be found on audiotape and CD and became quite popular as a very efficient approach to describe one’s mind and achieve expanded consciousness experiences in less than an hour.
He made apparent that working with the subconscious brain is only half way to Clarity or Realization. Tools and practical consciousness experiences to give folks a flavor of this here and were added and he steered his former work to a marathon series that he called "The ClarityProcess®. " Thus, he joined his knowledge in a way as a Western psychologist with all the wisdom of the East.
Since he loved traveling, he ran both the ClarityProcess® throughout the 1990ies largely in refuge centres in California, Germany, Holland, Spain and Bali.

He died in 2000 and abandoned his in

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