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Jeremy Laszlo is the bestselling author of over 30 books. His works have broken the top 10 of over 90 Amazon lists by genre, occasionally reaching the top 10 of most publications on Amazon.

He resides in southern Louisiana where he loves searing heat, a million per cent humidity, and long glides walks around the blistering sidewalk. Apart from composing, Jeremy enjoys searching mosquitos the size of Bald Eagles and water-skiing atop Jurassic Alligators.

Who are we kidding? He’s a author. He spends all his day with his buttocks firmly fastened into a seat, in front of this AC, either studying, writing, or being defeated by kids with Hulk boxing gloves which make very cool action figure sounds.
To find out more about his job, or get periodic upgrades if he releases new books, check out or even

Semper Fidelis

...and no, he is not even a Cylon. I swear!

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