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Acclaimed speaking coach, Jezra Kaye, teaches individuals how to communicate with passion, power, credibility, and simplicity in person, via Skype, and INTERVIEW LIKE YOURSELF, through her books. . .NO, REALLY! FOLLOW YOUR STRENGTHS AND SKILLS TO GET THE JOB IN SPEAK LIKE YOURSELF and 2014. . .NO, REALLY! FOLLOW YOUR STRENGTHS AND SKILLS TO GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKING. These books provide you with the identical down-to-earth training insights that Jezra shares with clients ranging from university presidents to CEOs, and also out of celebrity chefs to supermodels.

A former Fortune 500 speechwriter who worked mainly in the pharmaceutical sector, Jezra started her career as a jazz singer and bandleader (she's a proud graduate of New England Conservatory of Music), also supported her jazz addiction by working as a secretary, and a word processing trainer, a home cleaner, an accounts receivable clerk in J.C. Penney's, also a singing waitress, a murder trial typist at the Brooklyn Supreme Court, along with other jobs too numerous to mention.

Jezra is the co-author, together with Anne Loehr, of MANAGING THE UNMANAGEABLE: HOW TO MOTIVATE EVEN THE MOST UNRULY EMPLOYEE, and the author of a novel, THE TATTOOED HEART, on a hard-luck woman who is on the street looking for a man to father her child. She works and lives in Brooklyn.

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