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When I told my mom I wished to be be a champion rider I was six years old. She supported me including some in Madison Square Garden, and drove tens of thousands of miles bringing me to driving competitions, with lessons.

Through the years, my horses becoming better and bigger, and the jumps got greater. My set of ribbons and trophies grew. I was told by my coaches that the Olympics were within my reach.

But a near-fatal vehicle crash ended that dream when I was 17 years old. This publication tells the story of my trip from that day forwards; for years after my accident, I confronted obstacles greater than I had ever faced while on holiday.

Nurses gave my mom no reason to hope. Fortunately for me, my mom refused to quit and ignored the doctors. Even today, 24 years since my injury, I keep to recover. Brain is real. There is much that's unknown in medication. My mum's refusal to give up on me, and my optimistic attitude and willingness to work hard and try all sorts of therapy rather than give up, is the reason why I recovered.

That I was not supposed to get better: not walk, talk, or feed myself. Well, I do all of those things for myself. I went on to graduate high school and college. And years back, I left New Hampshire to live in California on my own, where I worked and developed a motivational career.

My message is simple, "Don't let anybody tell you exactly what you can not do. Never say never."

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