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Born in 1942, Jim Rogers had his first job at age five, picking up bottles at baseball players. Winning a scholarship to Yale, Rogers was coxswain on the crew. Upon graduation, he attended Balliol College at Oxford. Following a stint in the army, he started work on Wall Street. He also cofounded the Quantum Fund, a global-investment venture. During the next ten decades, the portfolio gained more than 4,000 per cent, while the S&P increased less than 50 percent. Rogers then decided to retire-at era thirty-seven-but he did not remain idle.Continuing to manage his own portfolio, Rogers served as a professor of finance in the Columbia Univer-sity Graduate School of Business and as moderator of The Dreyfus Roundtable on WCBS along with The Profit Motive on FNN. At precisely the identical time, he also laid the groundwork for his lifelong fantasy, an around-the-world bicycle excursion: more than 100,000 miles across six continents. That journey became the topic of Rogers's first book, Investment Biker (1994), now available from Random House Trade Paperbacks. While laying plans for his Millennium Adventure 1999-2001, he continued as a media commentator in Worth, CNBC, et al., also as a someday professor.He now leads to Fox News, Worth, and many others since he and Paige eagerly await their first child.

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