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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I was employed at our Criminal Justice System as a probation officer for a cumulative 20 years, together with 5 of those years as a chief probation officer. I authored the concept of “Shock Incarceration” that became law at Kansas in 1970, and then was adopted in numerous authorities in the U.S. and also spread to Europe—it is presently recognized from the U.S. as “Boot Camp” [as the means to “jolt” the young offender—plus a complete distortion of my original aim—like most ideas, once released, they take on a life of their own]. Additionally, I instigated institution of the initial Court Psychiatric Clinic at the U.S., in Combination with psychiatrists in the Menninger Foundation, because of principal probation officer. Finally, I was the Democrat candidate for Congress, District 21, TX, 2000. I would define myself as a Social Ecologist-- [albeit my degree is in Psychology]. My website is –which has been on the internet since 1996.

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