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My name is Jim Brown and I am a full-time Forex Trader. I became interested in the Forex markets when I attended an inventory trading assembly. One man announced by trading that the Japanese Yen against the US dollar that he was made a killing. He had proof so I was interested. Who knew that the person on the road could trade currencies? Up until then, it was the banks or very wealthy individuals that had access to this type of trading. So a completely industry was born.

It was not simple at first as there were not many reputable agents about and their platforms were undependable at best. The spreads were huge and the net was dial up. The forums started popping up along with the 'trading professionals' appeared. A lot of inventory, futures and options had been converted to match the FX marketplace, which had been because of there being no exchange that was central, an entirely different monster, per week and a market that conducted 24 hours per day for 5 days. There was money to be produced by those who were were smart possibly by straddling the news releases or harnessing the transport trade. But agents created or also got smarter and shut down these advantages.

My issue was, I listened to too many so called 'gurus' and got caught up in all the hype. Thinking I was not brighter than them since their approaches were complex, and must be better than anything I could produce. I bounced blowing accounts and usually giving back. You will find both bad times and good times. However, I never grew up.

I shortly realized that some of those 'gurus' were really the real deal, so I started to listen to them and see exactly what they'd

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