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Jo Walton comes from Wales but lives at Montreal, exclusively from the first person. My aim is to live to be ninety-nine and write a book every year.

The question people most frequently ask is the place to begin with my books. I have published thirteen books now, three literary collections, along with an essay collection -- with a different article collection and yet another publication because in 2018. My books are all different from each other, and really, where to begin is dependent on what you like.

My hottest book is definitely my Hugo and Nebula award winning One of Others, which is a fantasy book about a fifteen year old girl who reads science fiction. It's written in diary form, also set in Wales in 1979 and 1980. It is a novel about what happens after you have saved the entire world -- Mori's sister sacrified herself and Mori became handicapped in a fight to defeat their evil witch mom, and they won. She has to visit a new school, on her own, and cope with life and the ethics of performing magic at all, while studying for escape, escape, and means of coping with all the world.

My newest book Poor Relations, is a science fiction book about a future in which easy body modification has led to sex becoming an financial status, therefore it is about gender and class and there is also an alien invasion. It is due out in February 2018. As it's new and shiny I am of course enthused about it, but much less good at explaining it than novels which have been in existence for a while. It's fun.

My Actual Children won the Tiptree award in 2015. It is another alternative history -- well really two diverging realities. It is about a girl with dementia in a nursing home who remembers two distinct variations of her entire lifetime, and also the book covers her entire life twice in the split in 1949 to 2015. This is a book a lot of folks like, but if you would like to purchase one of the books for a relative who doesn't generally see in SF or fantasy, then this is the one to select. It'

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