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Seasoned Single Joan Barrett has recognized the catchy, exciting and hard Mature Singles lifestyle in her own modus vivendi, as will you. Joan's passion for SINS (her lively term for Singles INternet Dating Services) and its own benefits for Mature Singles inspired her to create Candyland S.I.N.S. to encourage present members, especially newbies, along with not-yet members that wish to learn more about the Candyland of enticing treats.

Inside her continuing journey, one punctuated with sugary drops along with fall-back lows, she's suffered many disappointments and disillusionments but has always awakened. Her experiences will ably help readers navigate the peaks, the valleys and also ... the curves that are unavoidable. She's maneuvered all of them and has survived to tell about a number of them with a smile.

Left Suddenly unmarried at 62, Joan started her new life in unknown territory by facing it head-on. She opened a cooking school for 'Seasoned' Singles known as Kiss the Cook xo. She also saw the need to encourage interaction in the marginally marginalized, at the time, Mature Singles section of the population. This venture renewed her energy and love.

Joan then discovered the Presence of SINS for Elderly Singles. Her entry into this new-to-her, exciting internet dating world further invigorated her because she joined additional like-minded Old Singles who weren't going out to roll over alone and sit outside their remaining years. Candyland S.I.N.S. was written for people who have selected, as Joan failed, to do the same. Life loves people who live it with fire.

For a member of SINS, Joan has formed countless friendships happen to be blessed with two very profound connections that beamed into enduring connections. Her exposure to the wide variety of members in SINS has changed her life forever. She has actively participated in SINS within a eight year span, a deep enough engagement to know that the

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