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I grew up in Manhattan and Riverdale (the Bronx), NY. I spent four years and subsequently a few more years commuting into Columbia Teachers College. I heard a great deal but that I especially learned more than I had desired about the NYC metro and bus strategies.

Following five years of instructing sixth-grade, my mothering instinct went into high gear. About a year after I was the proud momma of twin boys. (These were the days prior to ultrasound.) Over the next four years, I included a daughter and eventually a second son.

By then we'd transferred into Miami, FL, a hot sunny place to raise children. As the children wanted me less and grew, I began to think about outside work. Educating was out. I could not bear the thought of spending days. I came that I was too skilled for any entrance occupation, and never experienced enough for whatever!

The answer to my issue lay in returning to school to get a second Master's degree, this time in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at Florida International University (FIU). At the center of my second year of research, I was teaching English to adult language learners at the community college and loving every minute in those classrooms.

In 1991, I had been a adjunct, teaching a night class in FIU's TESOL program. I was thrilled! This was right about the time that K-12 educators were being handed down mandates regarding how to educate English language learners (ELLs) in public schools. The previously small TESOL Master's program started to grow by leaps and bounds.

As luck would have it (and fortune is often described as being in the perfect place at the right time), the manager of the TESOL program requested a leave of absence in late August, in the same way the Fall 1991 session was on the begin. She called everyone sh

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