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Jo Ebisujima is a Brit living and working out of her home in Japan. Best selling author of Montessori Inspired Actions and My Organized Chaos' creator For pre-schoolers, her area of genius is helping mamas set up systems so that they can have fun, creative and more serene times, and also to organize their houses and children.

Having a background in engineering and design, Jo can be Montessori trained: she brings left-brained organization and right-brained from the box imagination together produce beautiful yet functional solutions for her customers.

Her duty is to assist kids fall in love with studying and since parents are the child’s best educators Jo’s work involves helping parents, to aid their kids fall in love with learning.

In her spare time she could be seen designing stitching patterns or creating and crafting with her own son. She loves trying new foods as long as it doesn & #x 2019 and adventuring and travelling.

She's been recruiting for 7+ years about their Montessori adventure as well as the pros and cons of living in a foreign nation. In 2012 Jo set My Organized Chaos up to assist they have more time to get the fun 27, mamas arrange homes and their children. She is on a mission to assist as many active mamas to have a stress and parenting trip.

Now, before we go any further, there's something you should know, Jo comes with a standing... ohhhh yes, it is known that not only does she love Montessori she's also one crafty mama! And you can not keep down a excellent mama. She thrives on finding actions and new crafty thoughts to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. She gets get doubly excited if the activity is not just fun but informative too.

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