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Attorney Jo Kline Cebuhar's latest publication on end-of-life decision which is "The sensible guide to Health Care Advance Directives (2015 Edition)," which is an upgrade of her 2006 award-winning book, "Last things first, just in case ... " She began writing about the legal and healthcare problems of end of life and the meaning of legacy soon after serving as the volunteer chair of Iowa's largest hospice. Jo is also the author of a MULTISTATE HEALTH CARE ADVANCE DIRECTIVE, now accessible Jo's directive form addresses the medical conditions and options for life extending measures of most concern today. It also outlines the process of decision making for proxy and individual . This health care advance directive is a guide to generating and communicating an advance care plan.
One of other print and broadcast media, Jo's work has been featured in The New York Times, Reader's Digest, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Des Moines Register.

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