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Joe McGinniss has been an American journalist and writer.

McGinniss became an overnight hit after his very first book, The Selling of the President 1968, landed on the New York Times bestseller list if he was 26 years old, which makes him the youngest living author with this achievement. The book explained the marketing of Richard Nixon during the 1968 presidential campaign, and has been well received by the critics and the public, and was acknowledged as a classic of effort reporting which first introduced many readers into the stage-managed world of political theater. It spent on best-seller lists.

Within the course of two Decades, McGinniss published twelve novels. In every decade of his unconventional career he composed a book that became a classic, every transcending its genre: The Marketing of the President throughout his twenties; Going to Extremes during his thirties; Fatal Vision in his forties; and The Miracle of Castel di Sangro in his fifties. The Rogue: Looking for the Actual Sarah Palins most controversial novels, and also his final premiered in 2011.

McGinniss was drawn to scrutinize the mysterious distance between image and reality in his subjects: the way that space is made, negotiated and/or manipulated. Whether writing about a politician (Richard Nixon, Ted Kennedy, Sarah Palin), a sociopath (Jeffrey MacDonald, Nancy Kissel), or possibly a soccer group (Castel di Sangro), McGinniss felt forced to search for the truth, however evasive, supporting the events and people he uttered. Penetrating the façade of associations and individuals in public life had been a thrilling but risky business for Mr. McGinniss. At times the results were culturally revolutionary wildly popular and disillusioning and unpopular, occasionally dreadful. But McGinniss’ approach to h

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