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I & #x2019; t always been fascinated by the Falls since I was a kid. Sundays were spent investigating Niagara as a child–getting soaked from the mist, swimming in the river, trekking the globe and whined about possessing the over priced rubber offered in souvenir stores.

As I got older I went away to college, earned a journalism diploma, traveled, arrived straight home, did stand-up comedy, got real tasks and was injured in a freak accident involving a rubber tomahawk. But throughout it all, the Falls called to me. Initially I thought it was the voices in my mind that some taxes are temporary that tell me mad things like aliens live among us.

But In reality, it WAS Niagara which was calling to me. However, I put Niagara on telephone while I worked various jobs that are accountable, waiting. Finally I gave in and started learning what I could about the Falls. Initially I learned facts. However, I discovered something more significant than the truth; I learned the story of the Falls. Finally a travel guide book publisher asked me to compose a new guide book.

If you’re visiting Niagara and looking for fun, to find out a little, laugh a bit… then have a look at my book and my walking tour. I've got four children and girlfriends to feed and it would be appreciated by them.

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