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Hi I'm Joe Wocoski,

Thanks for visiting my amazon writer page, I have over 72 Word Research Publications published on amazon, for one to enjoy: challenging, meaningful Word Search Fun while reading and studying: the Bible, Shakespeare, US Constitution, and other inspirational works.

All my books are available in Large Print or Plain Text variants, and are fairly priced for the enjoyment.

You can start with my "Big Print New Testament Word Search Book" string, or even the "Old Testament Word Search Book" series.

My most recent book printed is Book 17: Psalms 1-77 at the "Large Print Old Testament Word Hunt Book" series and it is currently available, another book in this series is Book 18: Psalms 78-150, and altogether there will be 23 novels in this New Testament Word Search Book series.

My goal is to finish the full Bible, so anybody, church, Bible Study Group, or parochial school could purchase any book of the Bible, to have purposeful fun as you study or read the Bible.

There's even a US Constitution Word Search Book to help children, teenagers and immigrants find the intricacies of Democracy. Additionally, because I really like the word drama of Shakespeare: I've got a 5 novel Shakespeare Sonnet Word Game Foolery series full of word Scrambles and Cryptograms, for a fun way to challenge your thoughts.

Start having fun with the Bible, Shakespeare and US Constitution in a whole new entertaining way, now.

Thank you very much,
Joe Wocoski

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