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Joel Blanchard was born and raised in New England. After graduating from Southern New Hampshire University with a diploma in business, Joel moved to California where he soon became disenchanted with the business world and himself. Following a severe car accident freed him by the terminal, left-brained thinking that had plagued him for the past 20 decades, Joel found he could only determine that life is a joyful experience. This comprehension supported him to pursue his interests in nature, health, and recovery from becoming a nutritionist. After working as a nutritional advisor to hundreds of individuals, including a few professional athletes, Joel came to understand that most people are experiencing stress, sadness, and suboptimal health due to limiting beliefs, dietary and environmental toxins, along with nutrient deficiencies. Since he'd solved his own challenges with terror attacks, agoraphobia, and human anatomy toxicity, Joel cried in helping his clients overcome those ailments.

After several years of working with the public, Joel decided to write his first publication intended for publication. His critically acclaimed “The comprehensive Anxiety and Anxiety Attack Cure” has helped thousands of individuals move past their bodily and mental challenges and discover serenity and calmness within their lives. After writing several more books detailing the power of foods and mental beliefs, Joel wrote about how he improved his consciousness and discussed the religious expansion it eased. His book “How to Heal your Pineal Gland to ease Enlightenment optimize Melatonin and Live Longer (The Enlightenment App)” has been Joel’s bestselling book and was a Amazon Best Seller soon following its publication.

Along with being a writer and nutritionist, Joel is also an organic farmer, chi gong professional, and religious leader in the Temecula, California region. He spends much of the time caring

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