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John A. McCormick, Member, AAAS. Member, National Press Club
Science Editor,
Senior contributor,

At the right you will see my first certificates for its Commonwealth of PA, also a letter of commendation in the ATF, letters of commendation from Gov. Ann Richards of Texas along with Johns Hopkins APL to my work with the handicapped.

Siliconsamurai is the Nom de Web for writer, journalist, columnist, science/technology writer, equine breeder, along with disabilities activist John McCormick who's now located together with his favorite editor Beth within an animal rescue ranch located near Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (15767. Com is our network web website.)

The title, if anyone cares, comes in a mixture of getting my initial regular assignment for a game columnist in Rainbow Magazine and having educated sword techniques.

In Government Computer News I composed as the Electricity User for Many decades under various editors and publishers including Post-Newsweek Tech Media.

And for in which I wrote The Locksmith security column for several years under my name.

I have been published aproximately 17,000 times (bylined - that means every slice had my name on it.) All these are editorials, reviews, columns, buyer's guides, and news reports, including tens of thousands composed Newsbytes News Service, for the online news agency.

Along with my 20-30 stories each week for Newsbytes News Service, I've
written directly for: ANTIC (an Atari magazine), AI Expert, Assistive Technology News, Baltimore Computer Digest, BYTE (for three years), Capital Computer Digest, CD ROM Review, Closing the Gap (for its handicapped computer consumer), ComputerPress (Moscow, U.S.S.R), Java Currents (four years), Computer Language, Computer Craft, Computer Shopper (five years), Crui

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