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For an adult reader, I’m most drawn to novels that involve suspense and mystery. However, I love a fantastic laugh, and one of my favourite novels is Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis.

Science fiction and offense are the go-to genres for mystery and suspense. The bliss is taken by me.

Inside my writing for kids exactly the same three elements emerge; largely because I could’t help it, but then I think children appreciate mystery, suspense and bliss as much as I really do. Sascha Martin's Adventures and Through the Wormhole (that is also a string) are unabashed science fiction. Sascha Martin is all about the bliss. Wormholes covers #x & suspense 2026 and the mystery; but it’s not all serious.

My other project, T&DC, slips darkly to the crime genre, even with an element of that which I must concede might well be fantasy. It & #x 2019; so on hold while I get the others into eprint and print, also I expect into the hands of children and parents.

I reside on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and work each day over the mean streets of Wollstonecraft. A few of my adult children will also be in Sydney. Melbourne has been moved to by another. (I understand! Why?)

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