John Ellsworth


Thaddeus Murfee
The Defendants
Beyond a Reasonable Death
Attorney at Large
Chase, the Bad Baby
Defending Turquoise
The Mental Case
Unspeakable Prayers
The NY Times Bestseller
Frat Party: Participate in Law
Hellfire: Participate in Law
The Trial Lawyer
The Near Death Experience
Michael Gresham
Michael Gresham: Secrets Girls Keep
Michael Gresham: The Law Partners
Michael Gresham: Carlos the Ant
Michael Gresham: Sakharov that the Bear

John Ellsworth is by Arizona and practiced law nationwide. For thirty years he defended clients across the United States. His first publication, "The Defendants," was published on Amazon on January 20, 2014. John appreciates the freedom of selecting covers selecting his own release schedule, and advertising his work and is self-published. "it is a excellent thing Amazon has ever done, giving all authors entry to a readership, and I, for one, am very grateful to them."

"that I really like writing these books.They are the types of books I really like to read, full of information about a broad range of personalities, a great deal of conversation, and, as always, plenty of traps and action for the young attorney. The books represent the kind of learning experience I went through when I had been Thaddeus' era and learning how to patty-cake when it came into doing the right thing for clients."

Now...back into the work-in-progress: Where has been Thaddeus back? Michael Gresham calling?

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