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John Harper is a science fiction novelist out of Wellington New Zealand and also the writer of the official Elitenovel 'Elite:And This The Wheel', by Excellent Books Publishing, released in May 2014. He is currently working on creative content for video games.

John’s composing career started in his first year of college when he first stood before the school assembly and read out his ‘novelisation’ of this film Short Circuit, a photo book of six pages. He spent the remainder of his college years writing unlimited parts of original and fan fiction, most of the action revolving around his original hero 'Jack Hamilton', Awesome Ass Kicking Extroadinaire and Pontiac driver.

John likes spending time with his two kids, and he traces cricket as well as the V8 Supercars religiously. He is a writer at night and conveys his days working as a mechanical engineer.

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