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I grew up in Mount Clemens Michigan and Detroit, and moved to Canada. I had a tough time due to decades of abuse and by the Catholic Church.

Folks have said more than once I need to write a life story, however, I think writing about how to not only survive these kinds of tragedies but also to be happy could prove more useful than just a life story of misuse.

The worst was spending 2 1/2 years at a college run by Christian Brothers that were abusing the kids in their maintenance for over 20 decades. There were well more than a thousand reported cases on record. Once it was over I came out of having an upset and confused kid who turned to alcohol and drugs. I wound up in trouble with the law but did sentences. It turned out much worse yet and I found myself confronting a life sentence. It was then I met with a man from AA (who visited the jail) who advised I could recuperate from I was going through. Due to his intervention I was introduced to AA and prevented.

It was only when I got sick after 4 years without a drink that I found a host to shoot me through the 12 Steps of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.

I've been a part of AA now nearly 32 years and it has done far more for me than the best way to remain sober.

I met with a amazing Native Canadian man who was an wonderful spiritual leader and teacher. As an immediate result of the teachings and sponsorship during the 12 Steps I found my own way to "The excellent Spirit".

This started an remarkable journey during the years which could take me round the country and allow me to become far more than I was until I came back to the spiritual program.

I have had the fantastic fortune to get another opportunity at fatherhood since I lost my relationship to my child because of not being there for her. But I became

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