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John Jacob Cannell, MD's life-long dedication to public welfare started in 1979 when he found a family medical clinic at the agricultural areas of Southern Appalachia. Almost instantly he stumbled on a broadly publicized anti-smoking campaign among coal miners. Soon after that he became engaged in reforming American public instruction and in 1987, he found all 50 countries were asserting they were above the national average on basic, so-called "standardized," achievement tests. His "Lake Woebegone" detection has been the topic of a particular meeting at the U.S Department of Education, a MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour section and a 1991 60-minutes segment, dedicated to Cannell's education reform work. The 60-minutes section can be found on U-tube entitled "Teacher is still a nightmare."

In 1991 he changed from general practice to psychiatry. Almost instantly, he confronted "Recovered Memory Therapy," that was ruining tens of thousand of innocent American families. After spending years assisting end this harmful psychiatric practice, he turned his focus to public health, where, in 2002, he became convinced vitamin D can alter the face of medical care and based the non-profit Vitamin D Council.

The Vitamin D Council's website ( has over four million unique users each year. After founding the Council, Cannell started writing academic papers about vitamin D, and it has published 23 peer-reviewed posts in scientific journals. In addition, he began blogging to the vitamin D Council and has composed over 1,000 blogs concerning vitamin D. He's also written two novels: one about vitamin D and athletic performance along with you about vitamin D along with pneumonia.

Academically, Cannell is currently famous for his work on vitamin D and hepatitis. Yet, in 2006 he coauthored two landmark papers detailing the way influenza's multiple mysteries are best clarify

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