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John Mangiapane (b. 1955) grew up in western Connecticut interested in theatre, sewing, and costuming, employed as a professional costume designer and stitching in professional theatre. I became interested in the art of Tarot, and it lead to an interest in the topic. Not satisfied with the Tarot books I'd discovered - that I believed were too concentrated on arcane minutiae elitist, or just plain boring - that I wrote the first edition of my novel '' published in 2004. It's now reprinted in both a workbook-sized along with also a desk arrangement. NEWS! Both editions are revised with a new cover layout and layouts!

My second book "Every Man's Tarot: Tarot and the Male Experience" was composed after a chance meeting with another Tarot author where both people discussed our view that 99% of Tarot books were written by women for different women. I put out to change this idea and remove stifling concepts and the coy and compose. Part Tarot, a part men's philosophy - with a bit of locker room conversation. Additionally, I drew the publication's 78 examples. - GREAT NEWS! - The illustrations have turned into a Tarot Deck in their own right. "The Everyman Tarot Deck" is now available for purchase from thegamecrafterdotcom and comes in both the initial B/W along with also a NEW! colorized version. Both Book and Decks are presently in their Second Editions!

I've only completed a trilogy of novels on superstitions and folklore: "No Reading on Sundays - and Additional Tarot Rules" - a Tarot HUMOR book? Are you aware you ought to read barefoot with no body parts? "Sew on a Sunday - Rip on a Monday - A Collection of Sewing and Quilting Superstitions"- ('Never baste with green ribbon - you'll have trouble with all the garment'), and "Never Wash Your Own Bread Knife on a Sunda

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