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My name is John Legget Jones.

People often ask what genre do I compose for. I write stories not even genre. I understand that's not the popular thing to mention as a writer or the perfect way to make money writing but its true. After a narrative comes to me, I have to write it. It's like having a song stuck in your head, a story does this. A story comes to me until I get it finished and I'm obsessed. Folks seem to enjoy my stories and that I hope you do also.

My very first book was Flannel Gowns and Granny Panties, it is a funny story concerning a marriage counselor that writes a book about his unorthodox marriage counseling practice.

Catherine - A Hundred Year Love Story, is my next book and it is a narrative of a young newly married whose spouse is recorded as missing in action during World War 1. Frustrated with no information, she and her grandfather go to Europe to search for him. It requires nearly a hundred years because of her romance to be completed. Just a hint - you will likely require a couple of tissues to be able to read it.

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