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Learning from books and guides may be frustrating and confusing. It can be difficult trying to recall what you learned in a class. That's why I have established these DVD courses with guides for you. Even though I've learned from a number of books, nothing beats someone showing and telling. For over the last 15 years individuals from all around the world are learning from my movie classes. You are able to learn to fix and restore antique clocks and watches.

My fascination with clocks, watches and antiques started 25+ years back. Ever since then I have accumulated a wide array of antique clocks and watches.

The majority of the watches and clocks I purchased needed some work, or didn't operate whatsoever. That's where I came - to learn how to fix all of them!

I continue to buy, sell, repair, and gather many antique watches and clocks.

For the majority of portions of the U.S., also outside this U.S., there are very limited resources to find out clock and watch repair. These videos with course manuals are for those folks who have any access to conventional clock and watch repair and restoration training.

There are 3 methods to learn clock and watch repair.

1. It is possible to go to college in Columbia, PA and cover around $1000 per classroom course. There's no guarantee you will recall all you heard or recall the information if you need it. Additionally, there's the cost of travel, lodging and food. This is definitely the most expensive method considering the prices and the reduction of info you may not recall.

2. Do it yourself by looking up some info on the web, read some novels and slice the information together. Experience a great deal of trial and error that consumes much your own time and may cause frustration and disappointment. That is really the long and hard road.

3. Learn in my DVD classes with guides. The courses are coordinated, and you also have the ability to remember all the in

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