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I composed in my memoir, FLIRTiNG WITH MERMAIDS, "I create landfalls for a living." That's not a terrible means to navigate through life. However, it's only partially true. I have been fortunate to combine my 2 passions, boats and publications, and make a living by sailing and writing. As a kid I confounded practical minded advisers seeking to steer me toward a career. I told them I wished to become an explorer. When pressed for details I clarified that I wished to sail all around the world and write articles and books about my adventures. Surprisingly, that is how it's turned out.

My very first book, CAPE HORN TO STARBOARD, is a coming of age story that chronicles my record-breaking voyage around Cape Horn. It was reprinted in 2010. FLIRTING WITH MERMAIDS, is a nautical bestseller. It is a humorous and inspiring look in the life span of a professional sailboat delivery captain. AT THE MERCY OF THE SEA, is a narrative account of three sailors converging in the eye of a hurricane. It is a sad but deep story, and that I worked hard to do it right. It's a book I am proud of and hopefully will be a major motion picture soon. My latest book is, SAILING A SERIOUS OCEAN- Sailboats, Storms, Stories, and Lessons Learned from 30 Years at Sea. It is an exciting mixture of sea tales and seamanship. It is personal, funny and sometimes frightening. Learn what makes a boat blue water capable and the way to manage it along with the team when the ocean turns angry. The book is filled with anecdotes and hard-won info. I believe you will enjoy it.

I have been a contributing editor and columnist for Sailing Magazine for twenty-five years. My column,THE USED BOAT NOTEBOOK has been published in two groups, both available at I wrote that a sailing/travel column for the Miami Herald along with an online column for for so several decades. I've written countless magazine articles including characteristics in, Islands, Newsday and the Los Angeles Times Magazine. I won coveted Boating Writers International a

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