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As a naturalist and photographer, I have been lucky enough to have travelled the world and observed many civilizations and expert many profound things. Approximately six years ago, after a life of excellent health, my body began to disown me, or at least that is exactly what it felt like. I arrived to a location and time where I had to confront my own mortality. After becoming very disillusioned with traditional medication, I explored the path of nutritional healing and following the fundamental transition of a couple of weeks my health and energy returned 100% and hasn't since faltered. A number of my friends, family and associates have been motivated by my journey and have followed my own dietary choices, and they also have enjoyed incredible results. In return, they've motivated me to put my expertise and study into print.

VIDDA Publishing has had numerous #1 bestsellers at 2016 & 2017. First had been SIRT FOOD in the UK marketplace and then in the Spanish marketplace and #2 in the USA. We have had first International #1 using ECOLOGIZA tu BELLEZA (Green up your Beauty) and lately the ECOLOGIZA tu VIDA (Green Up Your Life) Box Place from the Spanish market. Finally, our newest #1 was with ECOLOGIZA tu MENSTRUACION (Green up your Stage) at Mexico

Very soon we will be releasing the follow-up to The Medicine On Your Plate 5 publication series with 'How to conserve YOURSELF' - a broader look at the nutritional needs of human beings and the toxins from our environment which you may not be conscious of. We'll also supply the answers to those 21st-century issues. This book has taken three decades to investigate and compose. We are very excited about its release. Subscribe to our website for a FREE review copy before release.

We've got many other future endeavors and releases wrapped up such as more Nutritional / Green Li

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