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As an enthusiastic freelance writer who is traveled internationally extensively, I have had the chance to see the art of my grandparents--Italy--on several events, amassing thousands of km of driving encounter over the peninsula.

One of my numerous pit stops in the land of Dante and Petrarch: Roma, Firenze, Perugia, Pisa, Le Cinque Terre, Assisi, Cortona, Orvieto, Pescara, Reggio di Calabria, Ravello, Taormina, Siracusa, Palermo, and Agrigento, in Addition to several different fascinating places in between, including Musellaro, Solarino, Torgiano, Martone amongst others. In my opinion, sometimes, it's these quaint, smaller cities and villages offering the very surprising secrets, artistic finds and also the most delicious foods.

My goal of writing this roadside and bedside travel handbook about serendipitous driving experiences across the "boot," will be to inspire you to try driving in Italy yourself, to enjoy the history and scenery since you can only do by automobile. If you are on a cruise, you need to be back in time prior to the ship's departure. The same goes for bus tours and train programs.

If you decide to drive, but you own la strada. You may stop at any tiny hill town that catches your imagination and then linger at your leisure. Or, as I've done, you might look those up long-lost relatives and savor al fresco dining into the day how Italians understand best.

Fortunately, when you visit Italy, you'll find that lots of Italians speak English. Nonetheless, you might need to read road signs or published materials. Because I've fought with all the language, blending a few rudimentary lessons together with my high school marine courses, I went to school a few years back and officially completed three semesters of an Italian culture and language program at Kennesaw State University outside of Atlanta. I recommend doing the Exact Same to readers and

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