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Hi! I'd like to share with you the way these books came to being and I have written a great deal of books that you could find on amazon, although my name is John Mariotti.

After getting my education at Bradley University (B. S. M. E.) and then the University of Wisconsin (M. S. M. E.) I have married and started from my career which now spans more than 45 years. It's easiest to describe it in 3 phases.

The first part--approximately 15 yearswas an engineer in telecommunications, and a manager, a supervisor and a VP scaling the corporate ladder. I began composing as a young scientist, to pay the invoices because of our furniture (as newlyweds). I heard a lot. I ceased as we had children, to trainer pretty much every game they played, and revel in family time plus my livelihood writing. My terrific wife (Maureen, today of 48 years) took great care of me and the family so that I could do all these things.

I transferred to the second point--yet another 15 years--running whole businesses, when I became a President (at age 38), of a brand-new plant start-up for Huffy making bikes from the USA (OK). The recession of 1982-83 shuttered this plant, however perhaps not my livelihood. I stumbled upon my toes, running Huffy Bicycles--#x2014; for 10 decades & #x2014; during which we turned into the largest bike maker in the world & that the combo of three bike divisions. Beginning at 11,000 bikes per day in 1982 we climbed to creating over 21,000 bikes/day when I abandoned in 1992--all Made in the USA (OH). I left Rubbermaid to be joined by Huffy as Group President of a multinational Office Products Group. But Rubbermaid was "falling apart" and that I left to "do my own thing"

I decided to talk about what I learned over the previous 30 years, founding Your Enterprise Group, and I likewise resumed writing, began performing keynote speeches and consulting work. As founding The Enterprise Group in1994, I have advis

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