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John T. Harvey was born in London in 1961. He developed an interest in economics as an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee and grew up in the United States. He remained there for his PhD--mainly because his girlfriend, now wife , still had just two years before she completed her degree! At that time, the department was a centre for Institutionalist and Post Keynesian economics and also served as the home to both the Journal of Economic Issues and the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. He became really curious about each and, upon taking work in Texas Christian University in 1987, began investigating international economics from these viewpoints. So far, he's published extensively in the area, including heaps of posts, two edited volumes, and a single monograph wherein he develops a Post Keynesian perspective of exchange rate determination. Forthcoming is a text which introduces economic schools of consideration. John is currently working on a novel that clarifies economics to the layperson.

John lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife Melanie, daughters Alex and Meg, along with puppy Rommel. He he is an avid online gamer and reader of military history (particularly WWII).

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