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With over 2 million words within publication, writer Joe nobody has for ages been a readers’ favorite. His adventure books thrill with stories that may have been ripped in #x 2019 & the afternoon;s tune with protagonists who grapple with the normal Joe… the while sparking creative idea about social difficulties.

The Joe Nobody record of books includes ebooks books, science fiction, political thrillers, children’s novels, and instruction guides. While each installment is different from the rest, all of them follow a pattern… hooking the reader exposing all sides of this issue at hand and subsequently exercising problem-solving skills to discover resolution to the conflict.

His academic pursuits included Systems Engineering and Accounting. Accumulating with a number of agencies and departments over three decades of government support, Joe is still professionally active and wants to keep his identity and background confidential for the security and privacy of his loved ones.

He has more than 30 decades of competitive shooting experience, including IPSC, NRA, and other associated organizations. He retains the rights to a United States patent for a firearms alteration and has become a firearms instructor and adviser.

Living in Texas, Joe’s private life is spent enjoying a variety of outside pressures with his loved ones.

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