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Jon Shelton came nutrition, and bodybuilding the hard way -- via perseverance and perspiration. Taking a firm stance against drug and prostate usage, Shelton is a advocate for nutritional supplement use in concert with a , wholesome diet that is well planned to maximize body look and performance.

Although a self-professed fitness rat, Shelton's publications are aimed at people of all ages and fitness levels. "It's never too late for going," Shelton says, "and it's never too late to begin sculpting your body. Simply pick a goal and locate the most economical and most effective method to achieve it."

Unlike many authors in the fitness industry, Shelton has no contractual ties to every provider. "When I tell you that a system is fantastic, it's because I have used it," he states. "Should I tell you about a item, it is because I've used it with great results. Nobody is paying me to say anything."

In his early twenties, Shelton moved out of being an overweight, out of shape couch potato to a healthy and wholesome athlete within the span of a single year. "I wrote everything down," he explained. "What exactly did work and what did not. I told me I did not ever need to have to work that difficult, so that I was going to keep up with what I had been doing."

Then Shelton realized that the key to his private discipline and willpower had been simply competing against himself. "Don't get me wrong, I liked the changes I was visiting in my own body, but man! When I came out of the gym beating on my numbers? This was the greatest. It still is."

Infusing his writing with all the lessons he learned in the gym and from private trainers, Shelton always addresses motivation and dedication. Decrying the outbreak of "food-like" compounds that Americans consume daily, Shelton speaks out from the epidemic of obesity and lethargy which has turned us into a physically stagnant country.

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